Project Overview - Scope of Project:

The scope of the Footbridge B comprises:-

  1. construction of a covered footbridge system of about 500m long, with 3m clear width and associated barrier free access facilities and/or staircases, along Tai Chung Road and Hoi Shing Road;
  2. modification of existing footbridges to fit in with the new footbridges;
  3. modification/reprovisioning works to the footpaths and carriageways affected; and
  4. associated drainage, traffic aids installation, landscape and lighting works.

Tai Chung Road (near D.Park)

Tai Chung Road (near Hoi Shing Road)

Hoi Shing Road

Tai Chung Road (near Pak Tin Par Street)

Tai Chung Road (near Excelsior Building)

Tai Chung Road (near Hale Weal Industrial Building)

Tai Chung Road Existing Footbridge across Sha Tsui Road (NF167)

Tai Chung Road Existing Footbridge (near Hoi Shing Road)(NF166)