How many lift systems will be available for Footbridge B?

For this Project, we plan to provide one lift system, at the existing footbridge N167 at the junction of Tai Chung Road and Sha Tsui Road. Totally, seven lift systems will be available for the whole public footbridge systems along Tai Chung Road. For more details, please refer to the proposed scheme under Project Overview.

What are the features of footbridge B?

The overall design philosophy of Footbridge B is to adopt a plain design concept with focuses on functionality. Footbridge B is about 480 metres long with a 3 metres clear width. It has the following features:
Energy:   The cover of Footbridge B will be installed with frosted glass panels to introduce natural light.
Greening:   We proposed to maximize soft landscaping works at the roadside of Tai Chung Road to enhance overall appearance.
Structure:   We proposed to adopt Warren Truss as the structural form of Footbridge B to improve structural efficiency, hence minimize bridge columns requirement and impact on existing footpaths.
Railing:   We proposed to adopt tubular railing with simple design and compatible with the existing railing, and can also maintain ventilation.
Drainage: Rainwater on bridge deck is proposed to be drained away on both sides. Considerable space drainage capacity is proposed to ensure stormwater are drained away effectively.

How to reduce the impact of Footbridge B on the landscape of nearby buildings?

1. The drains and wires will be concealed in aluminum cladding.
2. The exterior design will match the existing environment, such as the steel frame and railing color.
3. Consider in detail the alignment and design of the footbridge to reduce the felling of existing trees.
4. Enhance the soft landscape provision at Tai Chung Road.
5. The steel bridge is adopted to reduce the construction time and reduce the landscape impact during construction.
We had consulted the “Advisory Committee on the Appearance of Bridges and Associated Structures” on the aesthetic design of the footbridge.

How to protect the privacy of the public?

We proposed to install privacy panels/ art panels next to Excelsior Building, Clague Garden Estate and a section of Po On Commercial Association Wong Siu Ching Secondary School to protect privacy.